Monday, March 07, 2011

Moving On Up

Since moving to my new, improved dwelling, lately I like to dress the (extra-chic) part.

After relocating all my books, clothing and piles of beauty products, I want to feel like this is truly a fresh start. So I wash my hair practically every day with Tommy Guns Jasmine and Wild Nettle Shampoo (which I bought a few months ago) and spray my wrists with Bond No. 9's Signature scent (a dear friend gave me this smoky oud scent). I wear skinny jeans, pearls and cashmere scarves. It was warm for a moment a few days ago, so one morning I was even able to trot out in my blue French dress and sparkly tights with black sandals.

Usually, I wear my go-to lipstick and head to the cafe. This week, I will be beautifying and organizing my apartment. Maybe I will have one table just to display perfume, and set another table aside for jewelry and mementos....

I recommend the Tommy Guns product as a winter shampoo and the Bond No. 9 Signature perfume forever.

Buy it: Tommy Guns Jasmine and Wild Nettle Shampoo, sold at the Tommy Guns salon on the Lower East Side and various Scoop Stores; Bond No. 9 Signature Perfume ($330 for 100 ml, $250 for 50 ml), available at the fragrance house's various boutiques.

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