Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beauty Fix: Benefit Ooh La Lift and Skinny Skinny Dry Shampoo Reviews

My quest for perfect beauty products continues! Sign of a true beauty addict? At various subway stops, I choose the exit that will deposit me closest to Sephora. I did this the other day in Times Square, but I also know which exit to take in Union Square. ;-)

Benefit's Ooh La Lift Review

The weird thing is that my latest discovery at Sephora in Times Square has been around, but I never really appreciated it. After dabbing some Nars concealer under my eyes, I blended in Benefit's Ooh La Lift ($22, both available at Sephora). I am honest as the day as long, and I swear, thanks to the Ooh La Lift, I instantly looked well-rested and (here's the killer part) more youthful. So love love love Ooh La Lift. I practically tap-danced out of the store.

skinnyskinny Dry Shampoo Review

In olden times, Marie Antoinette would wear powdered wigs. I am so glad that times haven't changed much, and we still can just sprinkle stuff on our real heads and talk about cake.

I am a believer in washing hair, but dry shampoo is ideal and convenient for touching up your roots in the afternoon. Recently, I tried skinnyskinny's Black Pepper and Rose dry shampoo ($32, while visiting the company's shop in Williamsburg. For one, it's organic. So I feel very safe shaking this powder on my fickle head.  Once I put it on, I discovered this product instantly freshens your hairdo.  The scent is sweet and not too powerful. Unlike some versions by competitors, there is no "chemical" scent to speak of -- phew!

Also, call me silly, but I was a little afraid the pepper scent might make me sneeze. Thank goodness, no!

I "heart" both these products. Hope you have a chance to try them out too!

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