Thursday, March 24, 2011

All My Hot Friends Are Blogging Now

Two cool friends, two cool sites.

1. Alexys is off to the races at Fashionbater. Follow that girl!

Alexys is too modest to mention that she looks this stylish, uhhhh, every day. I have spent many afternoons with her in Los Angeles, with nary a dull outfit or conversation. We always have so much fun.

2. Natalie's site just launched. The topic at hand: obscure, electronic-60sish-neat-avant-garde music. Also, apparently, the brain of Natalie (she is very sweet and can fit inside an eggshell carton) is filled with owls that dance to electronic music.  (I learn things about my friends when they blog.)


Fashion mag i-D posts "The Exhibitionist Issue" with online-only features.

Anna Dello Russo wears a fluffy skirt on CNN.

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