Sunday, March 13, 2011

Going Nude + Leighton Meester Sighting

I'm on Day Six of living without foundation, and my skin is happier for it. There is no word for taking a break from wearing makeup and drinking coffee, but I guess it's a bit like rehab. It's not exactly glamorous, but worth the effort. You could call it a "skin-cation."

Of course, if I had my way, I would slather on gobs of foundation and wear a huge gold ballgown every day. This kind of Peace Corp-ish aesthetic is new for me, and I'm embarrassed to say...I sort of like it. My skin is still uneven in places and a bit spotty, but much improved.

When I pop out of the house this afternoon, I might dip into my mineral powder. Sue me. I still do feel naked wearing just lipstick, but it's been nice to go bare too.


Recently, I bumped into Leighton Meester in a shop. I kept my cool and didn't even say hello. For the record though, she was wearing a perfect, fitted navy jacket, a ruched black skirt and sheer tights. Also, her hair was swept into an adorable up-do. I was instantly smitten.

Get the look!

DKNY Navy Gold-Tone Button Blazer ($395; This jacket has a cute ruffle in the back.

Blue Gold Button Double Breasted Blazer ($135; Topshop).

Vivienne Westwood Mini Gallop skirt ($310; Zappos Couture).

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