Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mascara Rules My World, But Don't Let It Vacuum Your Eyelashes

Hey lady friends,

If you like your lashes long and bushy AND wear mascara, use eye makeup remover before you go to bed.

I always thought it was an old wives' tale that if you fall asleep while wearing mascara, your lashes will fall out. BUT I have been kind of a slacker lately, and I think my lashes are ever so slightly thinner. There just seem to be less of 'em.

Anyhoo, you don't have to break the bank on an eye makeup remover. Just use Sephora's Instant Eye Makeup Remover ($8) and Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover pads ($5,

Deep thoughts....hope this isn't too obvious. Check back mega-soon to read all about the results of my "makeup break" (7 days without foundation, golly!), beauty tips and product reviews.


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