Monday, May 21, 2012

You Put That Where?! Or How I Use Eye Gel to Get A Glowy, Luminous Makeup Look

Ages ago, I posted a trick about how I like to pop in the shower with my foundation on to give my skin a steamy, healthy glow. But water, as you know, can make makeup streak and so this way is even better.

Currently, I am really obsessed with my Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation in #4 because the texture is so creamy and lovely. On spring days when I want to wear a little less makeup, I mix my foundation with a huge dollop of Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Revitalizing Eye Gel. You probably have read about mixing foundation with moisturizer, but I believe this eye gel is an even better way to go, particularly if your skin is sensitive or breakout prone like mine.  Believe me! You will look like a model in a beauty ad.

I originally had this idea because I noticed this product made the skin around my eyes gleam. Who wouldn't want their whole face to look the same way?

To look foxy for a night out, I recommend using a mix of Armani foundation + Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Revitalizing Eye Gel, blending carefully with your fingers. Then, apply other makeup, such as blush, mascara and lipstick. After that, if you have the time, walk outside for about 30 minutes to activate the ingredients in the lavender eye gel for a "power glow."  Makeup always looks better after it is has settled into your skin a little. Some say hyaluronic acid, a major ingredient inside the gel, draws moisture from the air. The gel also contains grape seeds, green tea and lavender extracts to feed the skin as well. I love it!

My own skin is extra-sensitive, so the other solid benefit is that the gel doesn't irritate my skin and prevents breakouts. If your skin is very dry, you might need a thicker moisturizer instead. And if you have trouble justifying using a $20 eye gel as a face moisturizer, think of it as giving your skin a little spa time. You might not use this trick every day, but keep it in your makeup samurai arsenal.

Look divine! Stay amazing! XOXO!

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