Friday, May 25, 2012

Take a Page From the French

The other day in the Strand bookstore, I found a title called "The French Way of Beauty" by Linda Dannenberg. This book from the Seventies is packed with little secrets, makeup tips and hair ideas from French spas and salons. While I found some of the material to be outdated or bizarre (do any of you see a manicurist who rubs your hand with mink oil?), there were some quality gems from Catherine Deneuve's makeup artist and hairdressers who worked with Yves Saint Laurent and princesses and such. (Stay tuned for weekly tips and ideas from this book.)

This hair look from page 108 is so "you" for spring. Note the French called anything that involved twisting the hair a "chignon," but I would call this a front bun.  If you want to be very edgy, you can pin brown or cream dyed silk ribbons at the nape of your neck, and incorporate the ribbon into your hair and the bun as well. 

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