Monday, May 14, 2012

Accessory for Marvelous

The weather was fine this weekend, so I wandered across Brooklyn and Manhattan. Here are a few accessories that caught my eye at the flea markets, boutiques and bookstores.
I Am the Walrus: Flea market pins on 7th Avenue in Park Slope
I like this 1920s-style ring.

Department of Cute: Betsey Johnson earrings.

Emerald City: Pawing Cartier necklace at the Strand. The book is "Cartier 1899-1949: The Journey of a Style."

 Beach Prep: Trying on hats for future trips to sandy shores.

Flower pots on Lafayette.
 Peep Show: Vintage peep-toed high heels, strappy sandals and flats at Eva Gentry on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

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