Friday, May 11, 2012

Agnès b. Fall/Winter 2012 Presentation

Eyeshadow Government visits agnès b. to check out the fall/winter collection in a presentation. After the clothes appear on the Paris runways, it is lovely to see and feel them first-hand in the city.

The agnès b. fall/winter 2012 presentation last week in New York was a blast — an inspired display of chic style for girls who crave French clothing and love beautifully made separates with a dash of rock ‘n roll. I am so glad I went.

Here is a model wearing the designer's leather jacket and beret:

Whether reinventing the summer cotton eyelet skirt in a midnight black velvet or pairing tic tac-sized shorts with cozy shearling jackets, the designer agnès b.’s imagination is still running wild and free. As always, there were many fab staples that can easily be integrated into your fall wardrobe to look your very best. And your cutest! (Wink.)

The agnès b. boutique on 50 Howard Street is a bit of Paris cool in downtown New York, where oohs and ahs and murmurs are purred in French accents. Yes, it is heaven. I loved the plush cashmere jackets, soft as clouds, and short-sleeved mohair sweaters. The designer painted a romantic story with delicate knee-length skirts and blouses in exquisite silk. But  if you’re a young woman who plans on taking the world by storm, the photoprint items are for you.

One slinky, above-the-knee dress was printed with a photo the designer shot at the Standard Hotel. Another skirt looked like it was about to spontaneously combust. I wanted everything. 

Many of the accessories, such as sweet flat shoes and hats, are so Anna Karina. (In France, women do not wear high heels as often and it’s seen as more scandalous, haha.) I also pawed a sequined bow necklace that would look so darling with a white blouse.

Here are my snapshots! Enjoy! XOXO!

Too hot to handle! Agnes shoots all the photographs for her photoprint clothes.

Warm Up: This shearling jacket is timeless.
Street Style,  Literally: In the runway photos, I noticed the stones followed the curve of the model's legs. Neat, right?
Mr. Apple, her publicist, tells me this is a "Boom Boom Room" dress. The designer shot this photo inside The Standard.
Nightly Hues: I love the pulsing red and green colors.

 Great photos by the Malian photographer Malick Sidibé are on exhibit at the SoHo store.
Got ya collared.

Urban shoes for urbane creatures.

Schoolgirl Style: A winsome, Wes Anderson-esque satchel.

Snack time at the boutique. If you must must eat something, it might as well be dessert!

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Emily Freeman said...

Winter seems too be boring to me cause I can't wore out the best of my outfits but I sense that Agnes'es stuffs were very fashionable despite of the cold scent that winter brings. Nice!