Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's In My Makeup Bag: TheBalm Hot Mama!, Topshop Rock Chick Eye Crayon, and Neosporin

Ahhh, I thought I could act as if all the products I use are kept in one makeup bag in a purse. But I have to admit, my beauty products flow like the Amazon through my entire apartment. In my home, you could be ambushed by a spear-shaped mascara brush, attacked by extremely bright lipsticks, go for a dip in my eye makeup remover lake, or use your binoculars to watch some exotic birds (my lovely roommates).

Some days, we have to wrestle a grizzly bear and by that I mean, nimbly open a container of $175 Scandinavian eye cream. Life is hard. (Make it less so!)

Here are products I am using that freely float from my medicine cabinet to my purse to my face:

1. TheBalm Hot Mama! blush leaves cheeks pink and shimmery. I love, love, love this blush, which is only $19 at Sephora and should last all summer long. As I said, the blush is shiny, which makes me feel like it might be better for more informal occasions like a date or spending time with friends. My life is pretty laidback lately, so I wear it everywhere.

Also, you can dab some on your eyelids too.

2. Topshop Crayon in Rock Chick ($10) will make you feel edgier, tougher and sexier. This eyeliner goes on thick, giving you an "instant" smoky eye.  Also, the plum color doesn't scream purple. It's just very pretty. If you buy any Topshop makeup product, get this one!

3. In hot and sticky weather, I crave toner. Earth Science Aloe Vera Complexion toner ($9, Whole Foods) cleans skin thoroughly and leaves you feeling fresher than ever. The alcohol-free formulation also contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid and soothing calendula extract.

4. My Chanel Aqualumiere lipstick in Lipari is an oldie but goodie from the Cote d'Azur Summer 2009 collection. I wore this sheer, glossy lipstick just the other day. Chanel no longer sells this lipstick, but you can find anything you truly want on the internet. 

5. Neosporin. Weird, right? You should use this on your face, like, only if you get extractions at a spa. My new aesthetician in Williamsburg advised applying a light amount of Neosporin for three nights in a row after her facial. I am not really into going off the beaten track when it comes to my face, but I went with it and I'm so, so glad I listened to her. The ointment helps reduce inflammation and speed the healing process after a facial.

Anyhoo, I'm feeling sleepy from typing and seeing Best Coast gig downtown. Stay tuned for more tidbits, beauty advice and gossip! Love ya!

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