Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sweet Stuff + A Delightful Time at Duane Reade

B.L. cupcakes. (Source: Yelp)
I am on a healthy eating kick that includes the most delicious desserts in the world too. Like, maybe I will eat kale and toast and drink green tea with soy milk for breakfast. (Gross, right? I knoooow.) By mid-afternoon though, I might eat a cupcake.

The cupcakes I am talking about are from Butter Lane in Park Slope. So far I have "tested" the Key Lime cupcake (sprinkled with candied lime, yay!) and the Chocolate Sea Salt cupcake. The cake part for both kinds was vanilla. Yesterday and today were very good for me in the category of yumminess. Make sure to eat dessert and often.

On to makeup chatter!

While strolling around the Prince Street stop today, I popped into one of those revved up Duane Reades to buy a notebook. Half the people in line were, like, male models though, and the selection of paper goods was frankly disparaging. (I was about to say male models don't need to write things down, but then how can they remember anything without pens and paper? Are male models the new supercomputers? Dunno.) Meanwhile, the cosmetics options were plentiful and overflowing.

I tried on Becca Luminous Skin Colour tinted moisturizer in Sand ($42), which I liked, thinking that would be the end of my thwarted attempt to buy a new notebook at Duane Reade. But soon I was trying on other products. In a neighboring aisle, the Pür Minerals line caught my eye. Some of the blushes are shaped like bits of fruity pebbles cereal and come in the prettiest shades. I chose two solid blushes, blending one layer of Pür Minerals Copper Sienna blush ($16) across my cheekbones and then dabbing on a bit of the pink Roselite shade as well. Both shades work well solo, but I prefer them blended together. Not yet satisfied with my experimenting, I also dabbed on a touch of the Pür Minerals See No More pore minimizer serum ($23). The serum worked pretty well for a first try. Or at least, I felt my skin tighten a bit immediately.

I may return to have my skin analyzed by a computer that was recently installed in this Duane Reade, but I was pressed for time. Perhaps if I can catch one of those male models in line with a butterfly net, we can brave the great computer and discuss beauty products together...forever.

Missed you!

Pür Minerals Copper Sienna blush.

Pür Minerals See No More serum.

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