Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Project Time: Make Pillows That Match Your Designer Clothing

1. Marc Jacobs Silk Twill fabric, sold at Mood.
I was checking out Mood Fabrics online today and felt the need to share my favorite textiles. Sharing is caring!

Does this bright Marc Jacobs print (#1) look familiar? If you keep a close eye on Marc Jacobs, you probably have spotted this fabric used in his splendid dresses and tops.

Aaaand if you bought one of those delightful, electric-colored paisley Marc Jacobs items, wouldn't you like some more of those eye-popping, retro cool patterns in your life? Like, wouldn't it be fun if your pillows, sheets or curtains matched your dress? Why, yes it sure would be great. Mood Fabrics sells this hot pink Marc Jacobs silk twill pattern by the yard.

2. Marc Jacobs purple and off-white crepe de chine.
All you need is a sewing machine, a simple square pillow insert and the right amount of fabric. The cost is $25/yard and up for all the textiles I picked for this article, so you might want to go with one or two smaller pillows or...like ten doll-sized pillows in a row.  It's easy to stitch up a basic square pillow cover in no time at all. You will use a yard of fabric to fit a basic 14"x14" pillow. Then, you can follow this easy tutorial on Readymade to make the pillow cover. Or if you are an experienced seamstress, you can probably handle this project with your eyes closed.

Not satisfied with just one designer fabric? I hear ya, fashionistas. Add a spring to your step with this pretty Oscar de la Renta silk (#3), which would be beautiful for a valance. Or if you have a vintage suitcase around your house, you could line it with this fabric to make an enviable Picnic Suitcase!
3. Oscar de la Renta warm lavender and cream silk fabric.
If pink and lavender are not your thing, well, that would be sad. But there are other options. Mood Fabrics also sells this darker, sophisticated brocade by Carolina Herrera (#4). You could pick some up to create becoming fabric-topped boxes or even reupholster a stool

4. Carolina Herrera dirty gold / black floral silk brocade.
The possibilities are endless! Let's talk again soon! I adore you.


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