Monday, June 20, 2011

What's Cool Now: Priti NYC Nail Polishes, Fusion Beauty LipFusion Moisturizing Stick and Street Trends

Splashes of Color: Priti Summer Nail Polishes

I totally cherish my new Priti NYC nail polishes. The Silver Flare Peony shade is an intense hot pink and Sky Waltz Delphinium is the color of the sky on a beautiful day.  This afternoon, I painted my nails pink and added blue hearts because I wanted to use both shades. Crafty, right? Better yet, all Priti nail polishes are very girl-friendly, so they don't have formaldehyde, dibutyl phathalate, camphor, or toluene. (This means that you can do your nails on the kitchen table without leaving a chemical smell. Rock.)

There's a Silver Flare peony-colored pink heart on my thumb.

I Spy Lips: Fusion Beauty LipFusion Conditioning Sticks

In the summertime, pouting is much more fun. The Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion conditioning stick with SPF 15 makes lips appear plumper and feel softer. It's true. I use the conditioning stick in the Butterscotch color which matches the color of my lips exactly. Buy it, stash it, do not give it away.

Street Trends: Hello There Nude Eyewear and Dreamy Denim Vests

The latest summer trends are so cool and so you. These are two looks I have noticed in Williamsburg, my neighborhood.

It doesn't take a lot of bravery to show some skin these days. Hello, pop stars! But wearing skin-like eyewear is much more fun. I saw one girl wearing nude sunglasses that were almost identical to this pair from Forever 21 (see below), and another wearing pale beige eyeglasses with a flowery outfit.

Nude sunglasses (good enough to eat for Hannibal Lector?), Forever 21

If you have been wearing cute vintage 90s rompers, maybe you are my neighbor but maybe you need a new vest too.  I'm very happy that denim vests are making a comeback. Whether you are skinny or curvy, they add a certain zing to many outfits. This vest, sold by Free People, says "great" to me. You also can look around at thrift shops or Etsy for a non-$200 vest. (Not to restate the obvious. XOX.)

Vintage Levi's denim custom vest ($228), Free People

Let's talk again soon! Hearts!

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