Monday, February 04, 2008

Peter Som Fall 08: Fashion Week Runway Review

Before I open my mouth, I liked most of Peter Som Fall '08.

She reminds me of a high school English teacher who got swallowed by a shag rug three decades ago. Peter Som found her corpse, and spit her back to life with daisies on her chest. A stranger gave her those patent leather shoes out of concern.

All Peter Som Photos: Coutorture

A flurry of cornflower and navy swings below the knees, making this number slightly less prone to frostbite than many of the Fall '08 mini-skirts. Wallpaper-inspired fabric is a trend that shows no signs of quitting. And something about it is very telling. I like the idea of a young woman in the 1960s who was very shy, and leaned against wallpaper like this while other more outgoing friends mingled. The patent leather coat is her turtle's shell.

My first point of reference for this was Lyra of the Golden Compass, and her friends whose souls were cut in half. Or Cruella de Ville. Something about this outfit, and its shaggy details, makes you wonder whether the "character" Som designed has the mind of a devil but the face of an angel, or is an innocent whose wings have been blackened.

The giant collar is the type of detail we've come to expect from Peter Som.
While the magnified aspect of this coat is desirable, it's not rocket science.

This is basic but cool. My Italian sweater-vest had been destroyed after tumbling into the back of the closet for too long. I should look into a dry cleaner to revive this.

Som's gone poaching? This three-quarter-length armed fur jacket is quite distasteful. If he must use animal's bodies to make a statement, I just hope this was constructed from vintage or previously worn clothing. Time to change the subject before Charlotte hyperventilates.

This look is one of my favorites. A mustard lace top paired with a moody skirt, and stained red lips. I love the starlet lips and streak of metallic white eyeliner under her eyes. Try Rimmel Stars Glitter Eyeshadow Pencil in Star Studded and bareMinerals lipstick in Red Delicious.

Buy it: Rimmel Glitter Eyeshadow Pencil in Star Studded ($4), Walgreens; BareMinerals lipstick ($15), Sephora.

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