Friday, February 08, 2008

Isaac Mizrahi Dazzles and Keeps Us Toasty at Fall '08 New York Fashion Week

Oh, Isaaaaaaac. Come here honey! In this video, Isaac Mizrahi talks about how his collection is, and doth quote Isaac, not really like a "cardboard turkey." Instead, he says it is "very autumnal."

Mizrahi swept us away by showcasing sexy, warm clothing. A lot of the fall collections "shiver me timbers" from all the micro-mini skirts. You'll see many of Mizrahi's ensembles, cut in sumptuous rouges and raspberry pink shades, also covered the models' arms. We think this is the sign of a true gentleman.

See his whole collection for yourself:

Track of the Day: Fashion week music gets pretty cheesy. De-'Bryant Park' yourself and listen to "Fodder on Her Wings" from Vic Chesnutt's North Star Deserter.

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