Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Starlets for Charlotte

I'm feeling a little bit like Cinderella on Oscar's night, but homework (i.e. getting my degree) has to come before some television marathon. I have a deadline tomorrow.

This afternoon while I was dressed in tattered rags, I made myself a nice, hearty soup over the cauldron. You can write me for the recipe.

Until then, I suppose your best source is E! Online's breaking Oscar coverage. These famous people don't have to cook for themselves, or dress themselves, or ever put on their own makeup. Lucky ducks.

All I know so far is that La Vie in Rose won for best makeup, and Tilda Swinton knocked out Blanchett by totally snagging Best Supporting Actress. One day I sat next to Tilda on the subway.

Back to typing. :-(

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