Saturday, February 09, 2008

Health Alert: Lead in Kohl Eyeliner

If you have kohl eyeliner from Asia, it might be contaminated by lead. This news became public several months ago, but was overshadowed in the media by lead found in children's toys.

Action Plan

If you have kohl in liquid, powder or pencil form for cosmetic purposes, you should consider throwing it away or calling the FDA and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics for further information. I realize some women may be required to wear kohl for religious ceremonies.

Please be aware:

1. The FDA has found lead in different kinds of Chinese kohl. And the New York City Health Department found the following kohl products from other countries to be contaminated as well:

  • Hashmi Surma Special
  • Hashmi Kajal
  • Hashmi Kohl Aswad
  • "Pure Kohl From the Waters of ZamZam"
2. Article discussing this issue and findings in the United Arab Emirates

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