Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Catch a Wave

Humidity is upon us, which drives scores of curly-haired city girls to Japanese straightening, curling irons, and relaxers. I say, fuggedaboutit. Curly-haired girls have the upper hand: those with toppling ringlets always have the last laugh, tons of fun, and bigger hair. Duh!


To pump up those curls, Aveda's Be Curly(TM) Curl Enhancer tames frizz and "defines curl up to 57%" more than untreated hair. I thought you would like that numerical sum of curliness.
Or for "day at the beach" hair, we recommend the tried and true, Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray.


Even so, some of my girlfriends are addicted to straightening. It's not "woeful," but it can be sooo time-consuming and eat up valuable time that could be spent watching television and sleeping. My fab girfriend invested in a ceramic iron from Sephora, more specifically the GHD Professional Styler with Advanced Ceramic Technology, and now she swears by it. It's the LeCreuset of hair irons, and never deep-fries your hair. If you're on a straightening rampage, consider busting out the best conditioner you can find, like Redken's All Soft Heavy Cream.

And if you straight-laced girls find your straightened hair gets curly, and your curly hair is frizzy, probably the only person who will give a shuck is you. The rest of us will just be envious.

Stay cute!

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