Monday, June 11, 2007

This season's necessary blushes come in all shapes and sizes.....

We're not embarassed to extoll pink blush. A great blush can stand for itself, and doesn't require much fuss. You can wear all of these blushes solo, and with a dab of sheer lipstick and undereye concealer for a look that is polished and relaxed.

One stamp, no postage required. Lorac Cheek Stamp in Hibiscus ($22) is a little pot.

The new Swedish Hakansson products are skinny, pale, and about the size of a library card. Check out Hakansson The Color 9 + 10 ($42), in delicate spring shades for cheeks and eyes:

One of Clinique's signatures for over a decade has been Black Honey Almost Lipstick. Gel Blush in Black Honey matches their Almost Lipstick without missing a beat.

Buy it: Lorac Cheek Stamp in Hibiscus, Sephora; Hakansson The Color 9 + 10, Hakansson and ABC Carpet & Home; Clinique in Black Honey, Sephora.


Sugarshock said...

always loved Black Honey Almost Lipstick.
so great they've made a blush - about time!

Christine said...

I agree with Sugar Shock- I have loved the lipstick for years, finally they're following the footsteps of Nars with their Orgasm collection! Time to run to Macy's to check it out!