Monday, March 19, 2007

Readers, I Could Use Your Help

I don't really bother too much about hair, but last week I think my blow dryer finally slurped my head. What do you do when your hair gets fried?

It's kinda bumming me out.

Post your thoughts here or send yer recommendations to eyeshadowgovernment at This has never happened to me before.


The Glitterati said...

Yikes, poor Charlotte! I haven't fried my hair completely (yet...), but I think the key is to condition it like crazy and keep heat away from it at all costs. Hot oil treatments are good, and I have heard that coconut oil can actually get into the hair shaft and do good things from in there.

For conditioners, I like Pantene's Intensive Restoration line (the ones in white tubes, not bottles), and Clairol's new ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss. Both (esp the latter) give great great shine, and make hair supersoft.

If you can at all bear it, don't heat-style. Slick in some anti-frizz product/styling cream/gel/whatever and rock the ponytail or the bun or whatever works best. Not the most glamourous, but it's like detox for hair, I guess.

Hope the tresses feel better soon!

juniper said...

agree with the no heat styling,no brushing when wet,all that.when i bleached my naturally black,waist-length hair blonde,Ion brand deep conditioner,which i buy from Sally Beauty Supply,saved my life.the damage was really bad so i had to use it as regular conditioner for awhile,but eventually it did the trick.good luck!