Thursday, June 14, 2007

Above the Nose: Deals and Indulgences

Well hello, my pretties. Cackle.

Sales do this to me. Yesterday, I went to Sephora and bought a new new eyebrow lash/brow comb for $2.50, on sale, and a nice eyeliner brush for $4.50, also on sale. Then, continuing my thriftiness, I brought my Oliver Peoples eyeglasses in to be repaired in the Village to some store I had never been inside, and they didn't charge me a dime for fixing it.

Today I wore my eyeglasses, which I bought on eBay (you can keep my secret, right?) for a fraction of their retail price (normally, $250-400), and felt very, very smart.

Not that we wouldn't mind being a little "fun" in Oliver Peoples' summer collection, like this model called Harlot --but only in the orchid with maraschino cherry lenses. You can send them giftwrapped.

Buy it:: Sephora Short eyebrow lash/brow comb ($2.50) and eyeliner brush ($4.50), Sephora; Harlot sunglasses ($3r0), Oliver Peoples.

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