Saturday, June 02, 2007

Afternoon Delight: Mac Foundation Brush

A few months ago, my significant boy said he sometimes likes it better when I don't wear makeup. Hmmmm, I was like, "Oh, that's sweet honey," and when hell freezes over.

Faking It

This really got up my feminine wiles, and I ran over to the Mac boutique to share my distressing tale with Charlie, the makeup artist. He rolled his eyes with deep understanding.

"Sheer out" is Charlie's catchphrase. He "sheers out" foundation with a foundation brush, not with his fingers, using Mac's Studio Tech Liquid Powder foundation in NC15, and a coat of blush.

The results: I come home, see my boyfriend that evening, and he says, unbidden, "You look like a supermodel." Okay, he is totally obsessed with me, so I could be covered in soot and rags, and the same would be true, but still....

For years, I thought foundation brushes were for cosmetic department employees but not awesome civilian girls like me. So not true. All you do is dip your foundation brush into the pot, and brush it onto your face. With many light brush strokes, Mac Sumotech will spread evenly even if it's your first time using a foundation brush. Just use as little foundation as possible for a "wow" natural look.

Buy it: Mac Sumotech Liquid Powder Foundation; Mac Foundation Brush #190, kapow ($32), Mac.

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