Friday, March 02, 2007

Shake It, Beautiful!

I was dubious girls, and yet, we must always remember the miracles of plastics.
This electronics really buffs.

Dove SkinVitalizer
is an at-home facial system with a facial cleansing tool (plastic! and in terms of a tool, ten times better than woodshop). The system includes a packet of Exfoliating cleansing pillows, with two separate textures, you attach to the tool.

So, I tried the comparison test. My left hand would get a Dove SkinVitalizer treatment, and the other hand just had to wait in line. By the time I was done, my right hand was very jealous of my left. On the right, my skin looked sooo happy. And on the left, it looked grey and alone. We fixed that right away.

The end.

Buy it: Dove SkinVitalizer ($14.00), drugstores.

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