Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Hotties in Our Multipurpose Room

This year I loved the Oscar's because nobody spoke English, and the only people who did were gay or Jewish.

I watched all 5 billion hours of the Oscar's and two hours of Red Carpet chatter, because--Joan Rivers. Because Joan Rivers. Melissa Rivers looked sickly
as a brunette. Maggie looked better than usual in Proenza Schouler. Yahoo says Gwyneth was one of the "worst dressed," but I think she was all bijou in her Zac Posen apricot mermaid dress. On the red carpet, Jennifer Hudson's a great person but her silver shrug isn't. That winged thing belonged in a coven.

But objectively, who was the hottest--not including Ellen? Well, we were most pleased to see Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal in attendance. Ever since the Oscar's ended, I've been spending all my time at Home Depot so I can build a separate wing to house them. Famous people need homes too.
So we covered Oscar hotties, but what about "multipurpose"? Sigh, multipurpose beauty products. Well, besides the multi-purpose room I'm building for Diego Luna, I've found you can really use anything for anything.

Example #1: After applying eyeshadow, add an extra layer of sheen to the lids with a dab of Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm.

Example #2: You can use Nature's Gate chamomile shampoo to wash your delicate bra instead of Woolite.

Example #3: Not one to hype cheap moisturizer, but Lubriderm has been good to me this winter. If you wear a lot of base, Lubriderm's thick enough to really extract every inch of panstick and rouge. Odd but true. Odd but true.

That almost rhymes with Diego Luna.

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