Saturday, March 31, 2007

By Terry Light-Expert Foundation Brush

I tried By Terry Light-Expert Foundation Brush an hour ago and found myself lost in a dizzy "foundation paradise" I never knew existed. By Terry Light-Expert is a cross between a foundation pen and a Jedi saber. Click it and the pen fills with luscious, top-notch foundation. Then, brush it on, and weep from the quality of this Parisian makeup.

But then I solved the riddle of By Terry. How? Why?

Fast-forward to my vintage Yves Saint Laurent addiction. Terry de Gunzberg is a makeup artist whose relationship working for Yves Saint Laurent spanned fourteen years. And she painted faces for photographers like Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin.

Wow and dangerous hot. Worth fighting for at Barneys? Oui: Try the Apricot Light #2.

Buy it: By Terry Light-Expert Foundation Brush ($54), available at Barneys, , or ya know, Paris.


Christine said...

That looks amazing! Too bad my wallet is weeping from the mere thought of it.

charlotte said...

I know. And it's not like you can barter a half-stick of foundation for Chinese takeout. Something we girls need to work on...