Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rapunzel-ish You

Due to my new chic "do," I'm now on the hunt for new potions to treat my locks.

Shine has a fun 6-item sample program, so I ordered a sample of John Master's Primrose shampoo for dry hair. This shampoo totally upped the wattage of locks for two days. Also, the primrose, chamomile, and sage oils make washing your hair seem like a pleasant afternoon in the woods. On that note, this shampoo comes highly recommended.

Conditioning and Texture

At the top of my list has been the Davines Hair Oil for Wizards Finest Oil Non Oil and now, Davines Pliable Putty. Manufactured in Italy, all of the Davines are of the highest quality (and longest name).

Hair Oil for Wizards is designed for fine hair, and conditions without weighing down your tresses. Now, I have the putty too! You only need a nickel's worth, and it gives my shoulder-length layers oooomph. (I feel like a really, really fabulous person invented the word "oomph.") My hairdresser will remain a secret until the end of time (you can't have her); The Four Seasons online shop can hook you up instead.

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