Monday, July 25, 2011

New York Times Mentions Eyeshadow Government

Everyone's talking about E.G.
While I could pretend to be blasé about the New York Times writing about Eyeshadow Government, it's just too much work. I am telling everyone I know. Eyeshadow Government recently joined the Lucky Style Collective, a new super-cool initiative from the editors of Lucky magazine (hearts times three), and the NYT took note.

While London is in tailspin (Murdoch blah blah blah and terrible thing about Amy Winehouse), all is peaceful chez moi in New York. My hand is streaked from testing eyeliners (always on the hunt for you, my dear readers), and the most troubling question I have is not so upsetting at all. When the temperature rises above 88, is it still socially acceptable to wear perfume? I can't decide. Deep questions! 

Last Friday, I went to a market appointment to sniff some Serge Lutens perfumes and look at other notions, so stay tuned for more posts. Also, a recent foray to Barneys yielded a stunning makeover. Expect details about this too soon!

In the meantime, you can check me out on the Lucky Style Collective slideshow. Click here to see Eyeshadow Government featured on Lucky's site (slide #5) and discover more must-read bloggers>>

Stay beautiful!