Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beauty Must-Have: By Terry Pink Party Lipstick

A model in Asia wears Pink Party at a demo for the brand.
If you treasure your lips, then Eyeshadow Government knows just the lipstick you need. By Terry Rouge Terrybly Pink Party is a hot pink lipstick that is invented for coquettish and bold ladies, such as yourselves. How can this shade be both this electric-hued and yet immensely wearable? It's truly a mystery.

The important thing is to be happy when you wear it and then smile every so often, because you will leave a searing impression on whomever you meet. I also could imagine a woman like Victoire de Castellane (Dior's haute joaillerie designer) rocking this shade at a party. This color is so chic and requires an air of confidence to pull off successfully.

Keep in mind that Kate Middleton had to wear a see-through dress first to catch a prince's attention, or so the news reports go. Assume those you adore are just as absent-minded, and go with the brightest lipstick imaginable.

Pair This Lipstick With: A simple black eyelet dress, a patterned blouse and silk trousers, wedges or boots, a shimmery nude eyeshadow, mascara, joy.

DO NOT Wear This Lipstick With: a skimpy outfit, metallic gladiator sandals, multi-colored eye makeup, a ho-hum frame of mind.

BUY IT:  By Terry Rouge Terrybly Pink Party ($48), sold at various Barneys stores and Barneys.com.

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Does anyone know they model's name here?