Friday, July 01, 2011

Beauty Tip: Hold Onto That Lipstick, Girlfriend!

Treat your lipstick collection like a painter's palette.
Any gal who has gone shopping for lipstick knows that sometimes the color you thought was so "right" is sometimes quite "wrong." But is any shade of lipstick really "wrong"?

All lipsticks are in fact just colors and textures you can play with, so be original! If you bought a lipstick recently and you don't like the color solo, just pull out some other lipsticks (perhaps, shades you use regularly) and mix them together until you reach a pleasing and flattering combination.

It can take a few tries to create a harmonious shade, but you might just be blown away by the results.

Lately, I like blending pink lipsticks with orange undertones to create gorgeous, warm lip colors. (Honestly, the shades I use I thought would never look good on me but haha, I look more "meow" than ever.)

Be bespoke! Customize your lips according to your mood, and leave the world marveling at your myriad of beauty looks!


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