Monday, July 04, 2011

Manicure Monday: Layla Graffiti Effect Top Coat Polish in Gold

My nails remind me of a beautiful Japanese lacquered box today. I was wearing a very true red nail polish and I just added Layla Graffiti Effect Top Coat polish in Gold to the tips. The result is a chic two-tone nail look.

Do you like it? The golden polish leaves a "crackled" glaze, which I personally love.

My Midas touch.
This groovy gold polish creates a crackled "look," as imitated in the bottle cap.
Excuse me while I daintily claw a photo of an Alexander McQueen dress.
BUY IT:  Layla Top Coat Graffiti Effect Polish in Gold (about $8), sold at select Urban Outfitters.  I found this polish at Urban Outfitters on 521 Fifth Avenue at 43rd Street in Manhattan.


fashionbater said...

i tried this in silver over sea foam green. pretty cool..but
this combo is so much radder.

fashionbater said...

of course it's only gold for little miss charlotte!