Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hi Gorgeous, Coffee or Tea?

Hey perfume junkies and caffeine-aholics,

1. Couture perfumer Mandy Aftel just announced the arrival of black tea absolute, which can be blended as a "base note" if you make your own perfumes, or I suppose worn alone if you just love the smell of tea. For perfume makers, Aftel's online store is a superb resource.

2. "Don" caffeine in other ways! Double up by snagging Bare Escentuals Buzz Latte Lip Balm -- made with real coffee extract.

3. And you can start and end your day with tea times two. Wash up with Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser! This mild cleanser is excellent for normal, sensitive and oily skin prone to break-outs.

Buy it: Aftelier Black Tea Absolute ($30),; Bare Escentuals Buzz Latte Lip Balm ($8) and Korres White Tea Cleanser ($21), Sephora.

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