Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Charlotte Hits the Pavement

If you were as lucky as me, you spent yesterday traipsing miles through the blazing streets of New York. Since graduatin', I've been working as a freelance reporter for a big city newspaper. But how does a gal reporter survive a heat wave, only like 100 degrees, without the aid of a parasol?

1. Duh, Sunblock!
I had a spare can of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist sunblock with SPF 45 and Helioplex (TM) broad spectrum sun protection. Upon quickly spraying the sunblock on my limbs, the product formed a thin veil, leaving me to fret about my soon-to-be-burnt flesh. Luckily, the "weightless, clean feel" is a clever ruse by the masterminds at Neutrogena to make people like me worry. After hours in the sun, my skin didn't get burned. For maximum protection, reapply frequently on a scorching hot day or try a higher number, like Ultra Sheer Neutrogena sunblock in SPF 70 or 85.

2. Drinking Gallons and Gallons
Really, water should have been sufficient and it's advisable to avoid sugar liquids. I did drink a Snapple and a cup of root beer though, on top of bottled water. Sorry!

3. Hug the Darkness
I like hugging puppies and boys with glasses. Yesterday, I hugged the long shadows cast by the city's skyscrapers. It reduced at least some of the time spent exposed to my enemy, nasty UVA/UVB rays.

Phew, mercy! Someone's gotta install a swimming pool in my backyard.

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