Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rihanna & The New Year

I'll give you the scoop on my New Year's Eve and a whole lot more later this afternoon.

Rihanna has been knighted CoverGirl's new "girl."

Gina Drosos, Vice President and General Manager of Global Cosmetics, Procter & Gamble Beauty commented, “Rihanna is a talented, confident young woman who exemplifies the CoverGirl ideals with her inner confidence and fresh beauty. We're proud to welcome her to the CoverGirl family.”


kia said...

of course they did. they are in competition with loreal who has beyonce, and rihanna is a beyonce jr./beyonce in training.

Anonymous said...

Thank god they covered her fivehead. She and Haylie Duff are on top of the "I desperately need a nosejob" list.