Saturday, January 27, 2007

T, as in Madamoiselle T. LeClerc

We love the nickname "T," as well as drinking hot tea, so of course we're always all about T. LeClerc. The
T. LeClerc concealer palette is our pinch hitter, especially when our skin gets a little flushed in places or dark under the eyes. If your eyes are tired, the yellow will brighten the face, and the green covers any red or flushed areas.

All of the colors are moist enough to set naturally, and have enough juice in them to spread evenly. Sooo many concealers are too dense in color and dry. You can blend the two different shades to actually match your skin. (What a concept?) We know.

Okay, finding this product still wasn't as good as when Seth found his spirit animal in the forest, and it was an otter. But almost.

Buy it: T. LeClerc Concealer palette,; Barney's, in-store.

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