Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wishing You a Happy, Safe & Aware New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a lot like camping. The journey may be long and dangerous, so you're better off carrying provisions.

First and foremost, bring a bottle of water and a snack in your purse as well. When the clock strikes one or two o'clock and you're still out, you'll be hungry, and a healthy Clif bar or something like these Michel Cluizel mushroom-shaped chocolates (Les Champignons) will help past midnight.

Bring a small kit of the products you normally use, that way if you or your girlfriend is in a pinch, rain or snow thunders down upon your face, or any other unforeseen obstacles appear, you will be way prepared. Hypothetically, you are a Russian princess and must carry some teeny, tiny fabulous Swaworski-crystal encrusted purse, so we feel you too. Scrape your lipstick and gloss into something like this credit-card sized 5" makeup palette.

Last but not least, be yourself or a mermaid. Be careful. People love you every night of the year. Have fun! Today is the last day to enter our deluxe New Year's Giveaway!!!!! (Click here to check out the hot black market goods.)

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