Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Put On Your Spectacles!

Encyclopedic Aesthetic: We thought we would mention that "The Beauty Brains" explains one of life's deepest mysteries, like 'how do fish reproduce?' and 'what's the square root of nine?': How Does Mascara Work?

Tips!: The ghost of Max Factor has published some beauty tips with very detailed instructions. Born in Lodz, Poland, the original Max Factor's real name was Max Faktor.

Entertainment: Our fashion inspiration of the month is Ugly Betty. This is a belated hooray for America Ferrera winning the Golden Globe for Ugly Betty. Eyeshadow Government watches this show fervently every week, and Betty Suarez is the raddest, most beautiful chick on TV.

News: Eyeshadow Gov' will be searchable by a list of categories. The card catalogue system will be up and running soon. Keep all four eyes peeled!

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