Saturday, June 02, 2012

5 Reasons to Love the Humidity and Your Hair

This year, I decided the humidity is no longer a problem for my look...or my attitude. Well, it still is some days for my attitude. It's okay if hot weather makes you a little grumpy too. Humidity can affect your hairdo, but what's wrong with a touch of frizz?

1. Humidity makes naturally wavy hair even curlier. I love having ringlets without using a curling iron.  Don't you?

2. The moisture from the air helps your hair appear shinier. Glory in it.

3. If your hair gets super-frizzy, think about all the artistic magazine shoots and runway looks with ethereal, frizzy hair. If some of the top stylists make hair look that way intentionally (!), maybe you shouldn't sweat it.

4. Being yourself means stick straight hair, just like a stick straight body, isn't all that necessary or even desirable. If it takes a lot of work to make your hair look flat, remember your curls are gorgeous and what make you fab.

5. Whenever anyone tells me the humidity is making their hair look frizzy or just messed up, I often can't even see what they are talking about, yo. You notice it. But does anyone else? Prolly not, friend, so if it normally bothers you, try your best not to worry.

Hot, humid weather is just a lesson in self-acceptance from Mother Nature. I was going to write about products that will "tame" the effects of humidity, but let the lion out, my kittenish friends. Untamed, loose, curly, kinky, frizzy hair is where it's at!


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