Friday, June 22, 2012

Bottom's Up

I am going on a drinking binge this afternoon, but only with the good stuff - H2O straight up and no ice.

In the middle of a heat wave, it is tempting to drink sugary drinks to lift your energy but if you
can't resist that Snapple peach tea or root beer soda, try to offset this with at least three cups of water.

Simply drinking water is one of the best way to improve your complexion, plump skin cells, increase evenness of skin tone and reduce breakouts.

Outside my apartment in Brooklyn, where it is immensely hot, there is finally some rain (as of a few minutes ago) and huge claps of thunder. I can't wait for the city to cool down because lordy, I was really melting. The only downside to rain is I can't wear cute sandals. Stepping in New York gutter water in my new pedicure is not very moi! My toes and fingertips are freshly painted with Essie polish in Lollipop, a Coney Island-flavored red.

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