Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh Beauty Balm Skin Perfector Review

Although many types of makeup claim to look like skin, Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector with SPF 30 is one of the few products I have tried that matches my skintone just exactly, feels weightless and best of all, looks like my own skin but better.

When a brand lives up to its motto, I have to give it a round of applause. "Maybe she's born with it" has always been the rallying cry for Maybelline, and this balm is just so spot on.  I think this product is their best by far.

Once I smooth the Maybelline Beauty Balm Skin Perfector on my face, my skin appears much more even and gleams. It appears totally invisible to me and I believe the average person would think my skin is bare. I love it when makeup just gets better and better.

I really am quite pleased with my look with this amazing, amazing product that even has sunscreen to boot. Call me Venus de Milo and pour me a stiff drink!

Grade: A+++

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