Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twitter Recap: Star Trek References in Campy Dior Video + Prabal Gurung Designs Sephora Uniforms

If you missed it, I have been maniacally tweeting today. Here's a recap from my talkative Twitter account...

Marion Cotillard in the new "L.A.dy Dior The Film" video

THE COTILLARD GOES WILD: In a new video for Dior, Marion Cotillard appears in a campy spoof of life in LA. Cotillard plays an actress named Margaux who says she wants to get out of showbiz. In the short video, a wardrobe lady assures her a hat is "the very latest in fallen palm fronds, cruelty-free, everyone's doing it" and another character gripes, "Do I have to speak klingon to get something done around here?" This may be the first Star Trek mention in a Dior marketing tactic, ever...and possibly the last.  By the way, love the lipstick. Love the eye makeup. Love the accessories. Love everything. Watch the full video on The Cut.

POSITIVELY PRABAL: Also, Prabal Gurung is designing uniforms for Sephora. Yes! My home away from home just got better. Read about the looks on Styleite.

WILL RAF TAKE OVER DIOR?: Fashionistas may be weary of all the Raf Simons-Dior buzz, which has generated hundreds of tweets today. Inside the Twitter fashion gossip "hive," this is today's major topic du jour. Anyway, what an excellent idea and I hope it happens! Click here to read WWD's coverage if you haven't already.


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