Monday, December 12, 2011

Shopaholic Alert: December Gift Ideas

'Tis the season for internet shopping. Here's a few quick hits!

Zooka Zub Zoo Rasberry Watch

Tick tock! This watch is a fun, modern option for anyone's accessories wardrobe. What a great gift! Eyeshadow Government loves the color most of all. Although it might be "overkill" to wear this watch with very edgy clothing, you could pair this with a vintage floral blouse with touches of lilac and pink for a splashy feminine-futuristic mash-up.

Price: $56 on (46% off typical $100 retail price)

De Gournay Demi Diffuser

We espied this diffuser on and it was love at first sight. Italian mandarin orange perfume commingles with harmonious notes of fir, petitgrain, and lemon leaves. The packaging is so becoming. Price: $45, sold on

Tinsel Birdcage Ornament


Chirp, chirp! These fanciful ornaments in neutral silver can adorn Christmas trees and Hannukah bushes alike. Price: $35, sold on

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