Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Dear amigas,

I guess I took a vow of silence on beauty product commenting/verb-ation/chatter for the weeks preceding my birthday, but that was kinda a mistake. Now that I'm "72" backwards, I feel like I need to make up (ouch, bad pun) for all the lost time with even more frolicsome activities and scandalous times. Why should all the people on Gossip Girl get all the fun?

Thank goodness for rhetorical questions that I can answer. They don't!

My latest obsession isn't lipstick, but surfing. Any trend that spurs the mass production of bikinis, keeps you glued permanently to the beach, and incites all manner of fun kookiness--i.e., Brian Wilson, helloooo--is my kind of sport.

Also, girls shred at surfing. Girls are always the best.

But what about you landlocked ladies? I'm thinking of you too. And well, this is one step in the right direction. Philosophy has unleashed a special Surfer Girl set. The scent of tropical papaya, kiwi and sugar cane moisturizer helps everyone feel beachy keen, even in Kansas.

I'm also way psyched about the new limited Christopher Kane-designed Lancome Juicy Tubes lip glosses. That was a mouthful, but these tend to land lightly on the lips.

Buy it: Surfer Girl Set by Philosophy ($35) and Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss ($18) by Lancome, Sephora.

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