Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gotta Problem with Gossip Girl? Uh, Yeah....

So I'm a newbie to watching Gossip Girl, and the recent plot twist on la G.G. irked moi.

All these straight guys and girls have been outing gay guys on latest episodes. What the hell? Not only is this not cool, it's also an incredibly dangerous activity when you're in high school. Especially in less tolerant parts.

Don't get me wrong. Gay men are very squeezable and huggable. But in areas that are less tolerant and open-minded, especially when there are angry adolescent boys who often have both violent and homophobic tendencies, outing someone could place this most wonderful gay person in a really unsafe situation.

Even in Manhattan, and I know the show has gay writers, homosexual folks are attacked on the streets for their personal choices. It's okay to come out of the closet. It is. But every gay man should decide for himself and gauge carefully whether they are in a situation where it's safe to be out in the open.

Recently, a young gay teenager was killed after expressing a crush on another male classmate. Also, a queer female friend once got a glass bottle thrown at her for kissing a girl in high school.

Because of these kind of situations, it's really messed up for straight teens to out gay peers. One person's decision to come out of the closet shouldn't be made by anyone else.

Pls fwd to Gossip Girl: so not LOL.


Cher said...

you shouldn't get mad at the writers, and producers, or diss the show. Cecily von Ziegesar wrote it a few years ago, when people coming out wasn't as much of a dangerous issue that it is now. Plus, its show biz. They will do, say, write, film anything that will get them ratings

charlotte said...

Hi Cher,

I wanted to make space for your opinion.

Still, I don't think this argument is very logical because this type of threat existed several years ago as well. However, you do make a good point about how far the networks will go for ratings.