Sunday, March 02, 2008

Glamour Focus: The Lady of Letters

At the risk of sounding Victorian, correspondence is very much a part of being lady-like and elegant. Also, a girl with a pen can be quite dangerous. To send missives and poems, these are a few items which caught our eye.

1. Be hot to trot! Pony up those feelings on equestrian stationery by Crane's.

2. If feeling cool, sketch a steely, modern letter with this Muji aluminum mechanical pencil ($15) and notepad set.

3. When you're in an extravagant mood, consider spraying a touch of perfume on your letters (maybe you already do this). Light Comes from Within perfume is sure to delight the reader with its airy scent of bergamot and heady night blooming jasmine.

Buy it: Horse cards ($29),; Muji mechanical pencil ($14) and notepad set ($3.50), MOMA; Light Comes from Within ($95), House of Creative Scentualization.

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