Saturday, March 22, 2008

Be fine Lip Serum with Chamomile and Beets, and Gene Kelly

Hailing back to my Eastern European roots, I'm sure my ancestors ate a lot of beets. They are quite delicious. That said, it's safe to assume most of my readers are not feasting on root vegetables quite as often.

No matter, that's why shopping is good.

Be fine Food Skin Care Lip Serum with Chamomile and Beets soothes dry lips. The slippery potion also packs in moisture and leaves slightly chapped lips feeling much smoother.

Also, as we are interested in all people dapper and elegant, we laughed aloud from this letter from none other than the wife of beloved dancer Gene Kelly to the New York Times. Tres amusant! Read on....

"Surely it must have been a slip for Maureen Dowd to align the artistry of my late husband, Gene Kelly, with the president’s clumsy performances. To suggest that “George Bush has turned into Gene Kelly” represents not only an implausible transformation but a considerable slight. If Gene were in a grave, he would have turned over in it. [...] Graduated with a degree in economics from Pitt, Gene was not only a gifted dancer, director and choreographer, he was also a most civilized man. He spoke multiple languages; wrote poetry; studied history; understood the projections of Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes. He did the Sunday Times crossword in ink. Exceedingly articulate, Gene often conveyed more through movement than others manage with words.

Sadly, President Bush fails to communicate meaningfully with either. For George Bush to become Gene Kelly would require impossible leaps in creativity, erudition and humility. --Patricia Ward Kelly, Los Angeles, March 16, 2008

Buy it: Be fine Lip Serum ($19.00), CVS drugstores; An American in Paris starring Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron and Oscar Levant ($8.99),

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