Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to Be Royal Blue

Way back when, there was no makeup for chicks like you and me unless you were a duchess. Life pre-diet Coke must have really sucked.

But Royal Blue is the way to go when you're up for some historical (spring!) romance. This shade is schoolgirl at first sight, but spells plain drama on the eyes. For a smoky night look, lightly line your eyes and the inner corner of your lower lid with Urban Decay's Deluxe Eyeshadow in Adore using a firm tipped brush. Then mess it up with your fingers. (Adore, pictured above).

In terms of a color-match, i.d. Bare Minerals also has a powder shade in Denim. The only problem was that while testing it out, half the pot landed on my forehead, which was kind of embarassing to be a blueberry. If you're careful with the loose powder, layer the royal blue base with a pretty amethyst shade, like Bare Minerals in Bordeaux, across the lids and then, blend Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Blush shade below the brows to really open up your eyes.

Can we say "meow" Duchess? Off with their heads!

Buy it: Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Adore ($17); i.d. Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Bordeux and Blush ($12), Sephora.

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