Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day Report: The O.A., The O.C., Rich Hippie Perfume, and Recycle too

The Good and the Bad
Why else would I feel snowflakes in April in New York? Earth Day is especially important this year because, lets's face it, our environment is going down the tubes.

Organic Avenue
Well, that day it was Christmas in April in NY, I went on a walk and got sucked into Organic Avenue along Stanton Street. I probably would have planted a few trees to get this hot organic cotton dress by NaturevsFuture. And in the spirit of truthfulness, I would have even chopped down a tree if that meant they woulda given me this dress, also featured in Italian Vogue.

Plunging into their beauty products section, the OA stocks Rich Hippie perfume in "Marrakech." Our vision is to wear the smoky "Marrakech" during the day to yoga, but we also see it dabbed on the shoulders and on hair at night, with a burgundy-mahogany dress.

Television Saves Earth Day Blues: The O.C.
So polar icecaps are melting, and this makes the ocean very confused and unhappy. Good thing large bodies of water remind me of The O.C., my greatest joy. SoapNet, a constant source of inspiration for all those around me, has revved up yet again and beneficently delivered THE O.C. on RERUN, often two times a day! I know it's only TV, but we believe The O.C. will inspire future environmentalists to save that wonderful stretch of the California coastline, if not the world.

That's all for Earth Day, and do what you can. Aint no non-biodegradable cup of Jamba Juice gonna get us out of this mess.

Buy it: NaturevsFuture Sexy Shirtdress ($225) and Marrakech by Rich Hippie ($85), Organic Avenue (The Organic Avenue website says "ciao for now, sold out" for the dress, but they had some in the store).

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