Monday, April 30, 2007

Because Your Face is Not Fondue, STAY AWAY from Sharp Pointed Objects

Sephora is Eyeshadow Government's home away from home, and the mere thought of criticizing this emporium of goodness would be like cutting off our right hand. But while rambling through the aisles of Sephora, a dangerous piece of metal flashed into our field of vision. It's a "complexion extractor with lance" and is sold in some Tool sections of Sephora.

This tool should only be used by professionally licensed aestheticians. By "extracting" pores at home, you risk permanent scarring and infection.

In summary, facial extractions are so not DIY. That's why Benjamin Franklin invented money.

(Sephora's website has an appropriate disclaimer about this complexion extractor, explaining sterilization techniques and advising customers with deep acne and/or cystic acne to visit a dermatologist instead.)


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