Sunday, February 25, 2007

Max Factor's "Spokesdiva" Carmen Electra & Vintage Vixen

So our unqualified admiration for Carmen Electra even causes us to wonder how and why we dig Carmen Electra so much.

Is is because she loves Grease 2 !!!!, collecting lingerie, and drinking Sex on the Beaches? All of the above, girlfriends. In my apartmentosphere, this basically makes her a celebrity patroned saint.

She's so over Dave Navarro, and we're into Max Factor Vintage Vixen, a shady trio of violets and moody blues. We've seen it on the shelf for a few months, but this weekend I couldn't resist. The Gov't recommends pairing this totally old school with a long dress in midnight blue or a dark mini-skirt.

Buy it: Max Factor Eyeshadow in Vintage Vixen ($4.65), Drugstores.

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