Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Sands of Time, Bare Minerals Foundation Help from Wizards, and Courtney Love

After smearing a layer of Bare Minerals foundation en route to the company holiday party, I stopped cold in my tracks and knew I could not take another step looking as matte as unglazed pottery. The Government endorses rations of the i.d. Bare Minerals product line but until today, we just didn't know how to paint it on.

In a state of utter matte-ification, I called upon the resident cosmetics wizard to remove my shoddy craftwomanship from my face.

Listen carefully girls because these are life lessons. Two words for ya: three layers. It is tempting to use the signature "tap and buff" technique encouraged by the Bare Minerals philosophy without considering the wisdom of the sands of time.

1. If you are seeking more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, simply tap a very slight amount of mineral foundation into the cap of the foundation container.
2. When applying Bare Minerals foundation, the wizard says, "Use less than you think you will need."
3. After dipping the brush in the powder, tapping the brush prevents globs of powder from setting on the face.
4. Once the first thin layer is applied by buffing the face evenly, apply one more layer.
5. And then apply one more layer.
6. And then another, for three layers.
I went from looking like a pottery project gone awry to damn sexy. (By the way, thank you.)

Aucoin (RIP) Beauty note: When Courtney Love appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in an annual Women in Rock issue, the famed makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin applied no less than seven layers of foundation to her for the photo shoot.

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